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The following are a few of the items that we use routinely in our TMD practices:

E-Z Mouth Prop – Patients with TMJ disorders often experience jaw muscle fatigue and joint soreness during routine dental procedures. Typical mouth props are too rigid and often too large.
The disposable styrofoam E-Z Mouth Prop from DENTSPLY/Rinn is an inexpensive way to provide support. The patient can bite into the prop to create tooth indents. This creates a comfortable and stable fit.

Kerr Occlusal Indicator Wax – When a permissive appliance is provided, which allows the mandible to posture to a "position of comfort", there is usually a coincident change in occlusal contacts. With this thin wax, available in strips or sheets that can be cut in strips, you can document, save and compare this visual record from visit to visit. Patients cannot see the marks that are created on the appliance and their teeth with articulating paper and using occlusal indicator wax will help you and the patient understand the changes that are occurring. .


Occlude or Quickcheck Indicator Sprays – These are available in green and red. Used to create a thin opaque powder layer on an appliance. This indicator spray is very useful in achieving an optimum fit when delivering or when identifying internal high spots on an appliance. (Quickcheck is less expensive than Occlude)

Coe Foam – This is very effective in aiding the removal of the indicator spray. Just spray it on and brush the spray away with a toothbrush.

OrthoSil Silicone "wax" – This material has several uses other than to cover orthodontic appliances that may be causing an irritation. When used with an occlusal appliance when there is a particular tooth that is hyper-sensitive (possible cracked tooth, etc.), relieving the inside of the appliance over that tooth, then placing a small amount of this material will decrease the offending pressure on the tooth. If retention of the appliance is a problem, using small amounts of this material internally will greatly improve the retention. It is also useful in an appliance that is fitted to a young patient with a mixed dentition, grinding out the area of erupting teeth and placing this material to fill the space.

NTI Universal Cutters incorporate sharp, precision-ground tungsten carbide blades with stainless steel shanks to ensure concentricity and will cut very smoothly on acrylic without clogging or chattering.

Axis Sybron Dental Specialties: NTI UNIVERSAL CUTTER

#UC079EF-045 FINE CROSS CUT Round End Taper


Sleep posture can result in adverse TMJ loading, affect the airway, and trigger cervical complaints. Many patients with TMJ disorders have a head/neck postural daytime component that can be addressed with physical therapy. However the recubent sleep posture is equally important. The SleepRight viscoelastic memory foam pillow provides maximum support and comfort for the head, neck, and shoulders. The full facial cradle is designed to reduce pressure on the jaw and ear region, gently cradling the face.


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