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With ever-increasing expectations that dental practice will be evidence-based, the areas of TMJ Disorders and Dental Occlusion continue to have a reputation for being “controversial”.

So what IS the scientific evidence that supports an evidence-based approach to the treatment of temporomandibular disorders?

Recognizing that the source of much of the confusion and controversy related to the subjects of TMJ disorders and dental occlusion is the near absence of training for many dentists in their doctoral or post-doctoral curricula, where can a conscientious dental clinician go for that "evidence-based" information we are expected to be aware of and to thereby gain an understand regarding TMJ disorders and dental occlusion?

Our objective with this website is to make this scientific evidence easily available to both health care providers and to patients. There are many resources available on this website. We invite you to explore DrawbridgeDDS, whether you are a patient or a health care provider, as our intention is to bring clarity to this subject through the resources provided here and through professional seminars.

In the menu to the left you will find many helpful materials for clinicians to use, both in understanding the subject and to aid you in providing services to your patients who are experiencing signs and/or symptoms of a TMJ disorder.

The dental clinician is presented with several problems when attempting to read the scientific literature. Determining the evidence-based clinical value in the literature can be a frustrating experience and too often the clinician simply gives up trying. Read more regarding these problems. One of the resources we provide is a database of relevant scientific literature that you can access by clicking Literature or through the "Scientific Literature " item in the navigation menu.

Drawbridge Seminars also offers dental organization the opportunity to take advantage of the availability of two very knowledgeable individuals, with a combined clinical experience of more than 60 years in the full-time non-surgical management of Temporomandibular Disorders. Drawing on this depth of experience, knowledge, and resulting skill will afford your dental organization a scientifically-based yet clinically-relevant perspective on these challenging and often-misunderstood areas of dentistry.

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