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"The complexity of TMD makes developing a "cook book" impossible,
even though that is precisely what everyone would like."

Jeffery P. Okeson, DMD





Deep Pain Input

The Role of Stress

Systemic Factors

Age-Related Factors

                                                                             It is useful to categorize the Contributing Factors to TMDs as:

                                                                                        Predisposing — Precipitating — Perpetuating

                                                       Predisposing (or risk) factors for TMDs can be:

                                                         • Systemic (affecting the entire body or a particular body system)

                                                         • Psychosocial (interaction of psychological and social variables)

                                                         • Physiologic (cellular and metabolic processes, neuromuscular)

                                                         • Structural (dental occlusion, musculoskeletal, articular, developmental anomalies)

                                                       Precipitating (or initiating) factors often involve trauma or overuse. Repetitive activities
                                                       with the jaw in a sustained or abnormal posture or under abnormal load, such as when
                                                       playing a wind instrument or violin. Sleep posture can trigger a painful TMD episode.

                                                       Perpetuating (or sustaining) factors often include parafunction, overuse, systemic disease,
                                                       occlusal factors, or psychological distress.


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